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Would you like to expand your existing outdoor business? Are you a shed retailer who wants to add vinyl sheds to your product line? Need a reliable vinyl shed supplier that can meet your product demand? Want to start your shed lot or outdoor business with a proven product?

Furnace Road Structures has dealer opportunities available now. We've been supplying top-quality vinyl sheds to dealers throughout the eastern US since 1996.

Dealer Benefits:

  • Top-quality vinyl sheds in a wide range of models with many custom options
  • Flexible delivery options
  • Special financing to stock your lot right away
  • Fast turnaround time (industry leading lead times)
  • We only sell our products through our dealer network

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Why work with us

Vinyl Sheds Are Our Specialty

At Furnace Road Structures we believe in doing one thing and doing it extremely well. We've been building top-quality vinyl storage sheds since 1996. We concentrate all our efforts into a single area so you can provide your customers with great value for their money.

We Can Meet Your Demand

Since we focus our efforts exclusively on vinyl sheds, our builders are able to work quickly, guaranteeing industry leading lead times from order to delivery. Our 10,000 square foot facility is designed for maximum production throughout the year. Plus, we've developed an efficient system to deliver our products across the east coast from Virginia to Maine.

Top-Quality Materials

We never cut corners or use inferior materials in our sheds. Our sheds are built by experienced shed builders for superior strength and durability. See our sheds page for detailed product specifications.

Color Selector Tool

We provide our dealers with access to our color selector to help your customers visualize color choices more clearly before they order. We provide a simple link to our color selector tool that works well on phones, tablets and computers.

Dealer Loyalty is Important To Us

While other shed manufacturers sell directly to the consumer, creating competition with their dealers, we don't. Period. We value our relationships with our dealers and never cut into your profits. Consumers who visit our site are sent to our Find a Dealer page to find the dealer nearest them. We list all of our dealers in our Find a Dealer section to help customers find the closest local dealer in their area.

Kloter Farms began doing business with Furnace Road in 1996 and quickly established both a business and personal relationship. Furnace Road has always been attentive to our needs as a retailer. They have continually strived to improve their product while maintaining competitive price points. We feel that a large part of our success is the relationships we have with our vendors and Furnace Road has been a large part of that success.

I am a firm believer in saying what you are going to do and then doing what you say and Furnace Road has always followed the same philosophy. At times we all make mistakes but how those mistakes are handled speaks to the commitment of Furnace Road to serve their dealers. Their mistakes are rare but when they do occur they quickly take responsibility and work to create the best possible solution. As we continue to grow we look forward to many more years of working with Furnace Road.

Peter Welti
President, Kloter Farms

Take the first step to a win-win partnership that grows with you as your business grows.