198 Furnace Rd, Quarryville PA 17566

Who We Are

Furnace Road Structures is a family-owned and operated vinyl shed manufacturing company based in Quarryville, PA. Started in 1996, and now 25 years in the making, Furnace Road Structures still operates with the same goals in mind that fueled its growth from the beginning.

Doing One Thing and Doing It Exceptionally Well

At Furnace Road Structures we focus our efforts on building vinyl sheds. Our 10,000 square foot facility is designed to efficiently produce high-quality sheds throughout the year. It's all we do each and every day. That means an exceptional product and great value.

Quality Buildings

We don't skimp on materials or cut corners during production. We've assembled a team of experienced shed builders who take pride in the quality of each and every shed we produce.

Efficient Processes

Since we focus on a single product line, we're more efficient than other shed manufacturers who produce multiple products. That means faster turnaround times. We currently deliver most sheds within industry leading lead times.

Loyalty & Commitment

We value our relationships with our dealers and never compete for their customers. We're committed to our dealers' success by providing top-quality vinyl sheds that bring value to their customers. We only sell our products through our extensive dealer network.

Our History

Furnace Road Structures opened in the spring of 1996 as a partnership between two brothers. Prior to starting the company, co-founder Ben Fisher worked for a shed dealer in the area that sold painted wood sheds, which were the most popular shed at that time. Ben soon noticed that customers were asking about sheds with vinyl siding, but the company he worked for didn't sell them. Realizing he was turning business away, Ben saw the need for a vinyl shed company in his area. Ben and brother Chris teamed up to start their own business, first offering both painted and vinyl sheds.

Business was great that first spring and by June the brothers brought on their first employee to help with shed building. As the business grew, the brothers soon focused their product line exclusively on vinyl sheds since they were in the greatest demand. It wasn't long before Furnace Road Structures earned a reputation for quality vinyl sheds in their area. Dealer inquiries followed and soon the brothers hired additional builders to keep up with demand.

Today, Furnace Road Structures has a dealer network that spans the eastern United States and has grown to include 16 full-time builders. The company delivers sheds to dealers across the northeast including PA, Maryland, Virginia, New York, Vermont, Maine and other eastern US locations.